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Update Summer 2013:
The database is transferred and the registry has been converted to the new software.
- If you are new to the ACR you can get a free account and start registering your snakes for free.
- If you had an account on the prior system you might need a password reset to get logged in.
- If you own snakes in the database, or if you have an ACR breeder number, please contact me so I can set up your login to access your old records and add new ones.

Note: the original ACR database is still intact and viewable at We have made every effort to ensure an accurate conversion, but if any discrepancies exist, the old database is the one that's correct, and please notify us of any discrepancies so we can fix them.

About us:

HerpRegistryTM is owned and operated by Charles Pritzel and Connie Hurley.

What is the American Cornsnake Registry?
The American Cornsnake Registry is a wiki-like online pedigree system with a freely accessible searchable database. Users enter and have immediate control over their own records. A pedigree is a recorded family tree, a permanent record that you can go back and reference any time. A family tree is extremely valuable in tracing inherited characteristics, discovering new genes, figuring out where new genes originated, avoiding unwanted inbreeding or hybridization, and eliminating bad or unwanted genes. Connecting snakes on one public family tree allows breeders to do something they cannot do with private records: cooperate with each other on a huge scale, across collections, across continents, and through generations. It empowers us all to improve our favorite species, and helps to legitimize our hobby.

The ACR is paperless as of 2013, but paying users can still order printed registration certificates optionally.

Please note, this site is paid for by banners and user sponsorship. We screen ads to ensure they are relevant to users and not obnoxious or in your face.

To contact HerpRegistry by mail:
American Cornsnake Registry
PO Box 135
Palmyra, WI 53156

How this site works:

1- You can enter as much or as little information as you like about each snake. Don't worry if you don't know every little detail. If there's some field you don't have information about, just leave that field blank. You can come back and fill in missing data at any time, or leave it blank forever.

2- If a variety (simple color/pattern/morph) is not available as a checkbox, please enter it in the "other" or in the notes field for now, and contact with the variety you would like to see added. There will never be any charge for adding new checkboxes. But please be patient if it is a brand new or rare variety, we will wait until at least a few specimens are using the same name before adding a checkbox, in order to avoid frivolous checkboxes or people using the registry to "establish" a trade name or make it appear as if we've taken sides in a controversy. In the meantime your record can still be listed as that variety.

3- You are welcome to enter records for snakes which are no longer alive even if you don't have photos of them. If your records go back years or decades, feel free to get your family trees off to a great start.

4- You will continue to have full control over all text fields and photos for records which show you as the owner. You are welcome to update your records with new information or correct them if a mistake was made. Edits take place instantly, they do not go through an "approval" process.

5- When buying or selling a registered snake, users can transfer ownership of a record automatically. The sender initiates the transfer and the receiver can then accept ownership at any time.

6- Photos are not required, but obviously they are helpful. You retain copyrights on any photos you upload. Our site will only display photos on that snake's record, and in any pedigrees of its progeny.

7- If you discover you accidentally produced a duplicate record, please contact and tell us the record number that needs to be deleted.

8- The purpose of this site is to act as a wiki-style interlinked family tree, allowing herpers to keep and exchange information about their herps with each other today, and to pass that information along to future hobbyists, hopefully for many centuries. It is designed to hold this information in as universal a format as possible. While we don't want to force anyone to use a particular trade name, it is only helpful if the same term is used across the board, especially when searching, which is why we use checkboxes instead of text fields. If there are multiple names for the same thing, we will make an effort to use the most common terminology, as is reported by our users. Please keep this in mind when entering, editing, and viewing records.

More about photos:

A- Like driver license or passport photos they are intended to identify the snake. Please keep in mind they will not only appear on that snake's record, they will also be included in the pedigrees of any of its children, grandchildren, etc.

B- Some people like to put ID Cards with text on them. For example, an index card with the owner/company name, registration ID number, internal ID number, DOB, gender, weight, etc.

C- A copyright notice is generated automatically by the site's software if you need to protect your images. If it is vital to have your company graphic/logo in your photos, you can print it out on a piece of paper and use that as part of your photo setting, so that it is not overlaying the actual snake. Also, if you want to take photographs on a background which is indicative of a particular business, that is acceptable. For example, if McDonalds owned herps and wanted to take their ID photos on a red cloth with golden arches on it.

There are only a few extreme circumstances which would cause the us to take action of removing/editing records or suspending/banning users:

1- Including obscene/offensive/inappropriate language or pictures, etc in any record will result in the deactivation of the offender's account.

2- Once a record has been entered for a specimen, it is for that specimen only. Do not edit a record to make it represent a different snake. If an individual dies or is lost or sold, that record is still part of the family tree. If you do not wish the record to show up in your searches, mark it "inactive" instead of changing or deleting the information in the record. Such actions defeat the purpose of the site. Repeated altering or "deleting" records in this way will result in the altered records being restored and your account being suspended or banned.

3- Photos containing visible watermarks or added text (other than a date/time) are inappropriate and may result in the deactivation of the offender's account. The site's software gives users the option to automatically add an unobtrusive text copyright notice across the bottom of photos.


New colors, patterns, morphs, and genes can be added to the registry. Information about additions is kept on the Genes/Morphs page so that users can read about which are which, and use the information for their own registrations. Note that while it is necessary to use names for individual genes, American Cornsnake Registry does not record or get involved with names for genetic combinations (for example, "ghost" and "snow") and these are listed by their individual genes in order to make searches useful.


1- The information on this site is not verified or validated by the site owners/operators. We are not responsible for the truthfulness or utility of any information entered by users.

3- All information about an individual specimen is the responsibility of the person who last entered that information.

4- All changes to records are logged, and any viewer can easily determine the name of the person who is responsible for a particular piece of information. It is up to users to determine the reliability/credibility of information entered.

5- While American Cornsnake Registry does not guarantee the accuracy of any data, American Cornsnake Registry provides a permanent public record of what was "said" and by whom.

ACR, American Cornsnake Registry, HerpRegistry, and the HerpRegistry Logo are trademarks of Charles Pritzel. All graphics are copyright 2013, Charles Pritzel.
All snake photos are property of their respective owners.

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